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  Our Programs

We are designer of software solutions in four main branches :

  • Financial Selling support
  • Depot flow control
  • Hotel and Restaurant support
  • Mobile support systems

  Hotel and Restaurant support

Hotel and Restaurant needs advanced software solutions. We can support our clients in modern Hotel application that makes running Hotel easier. As all our programs iHotel support network and can work as server-client application. Network cooperation makes our program suitable for Hotel networks that need easy access to data. Easy and intuitional graphical menu is user friendly. Menu features supported by iHotel are new standard for hotel application.

Restaurant is program dedicated especially for supporting restaurant crew in taking the order from restaurant client to serving finished dish (through the kitchen where the order is prepare). Our Restaurant program support depot control. Both application can work together without any additional installations. Please contact with our customer support consultant for further information:
. : : : kielce@infostar.com.pl : : : .

  Financial Selling support

Many companies are using our leading program called FK, that application support accountancy department in running firm financial books. FK can work as a server-client application without any additional installation. All data transmission are secure as in all our programs. We created easy in use (program menu tested by many accountant) and easy in maintain program. FK implement all polish fiscal bill, that makes it good choice for all who wants to run business in Poland and needs good and reliable program.

But if your accountancy department needs something special please contact with our customer support consultant:
. : : : kielce@infostar.com.pl : : : .

  Depot flow control

Easy in use, server-client application - all our program support that features. The same WinScan / Scan 2002 another our leading program. It can be easily implement to any kind of business activity that needs support in depot flow control. From one terminal you can control depot flow in one or more (up to 250) depots in different location. Terminal operator can from one place:
- order product from another depot (depot flow management),
- sell any product from any depot, check availability of product. Any operator from any network terminal can have access to all clients documentation and is able to accomplish former client order. WinScan / Scan 2002 support not only big companies with many branches, it is suitable application for small firm.

Please contact with our customer support consultant for further information:
. : : : kielce@infostar.com.pl : : : .

  Mobile support systems

Mobil III is easy in use selling support system. It was created for Palm computers or PDA devices. Thanks to Mobile your seller representative is able to get a access to your company selling network. Sellers use their terminals (PALM plus cellar phone with BLUETOOTH module or PDA with integrated cellar phone) and can send you order collected from end user (client) at the same time that it was taken. Mobil III allows not only send data but can receive data from your branch computer network. This features support your seller representative in all data that he need about client ( all fiscal documents, previous orders, debts, or any data that you whish). For using Mobile III you don't need special servers at your branch quarters, our system use Internet to data transmissions and it makes it easy to maintain. Although Mobil III use Internet as a way of data transmission, all data are secured.

Mobil III is based on modern software solutions provide by leading software companies that's give you possibility to own a easy in use fully secured modern mobile seller representative support system.

Here we presented only few programs from wide range of applications that we created for our clients.

Our consultant can help You in selection application that is suitable for You. In case if we can't support You in application made by us we can help you choose application from another program provider.

If you are program designer or program developer and you want to cooperate with us in application developing please contact with our customer support center for further information about cooperation:
. : : : kielce@infostar.com.pl : : : .

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